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J Scott – Open Letter Marketing Testimonial

[ux_video url=”″] We always love hearing from our customers, so you can imagine how thrilled we were to hear from none other than J Scott! Listen in to learn about the success J has found with us here at Open Letter Marketing. J Scott is an entrepreneur, investor, advisor, and co host of the BiggerPockets […]

Batching vs. Mailing – Why You Need to Know the Difference

You’ll hear the terms “batching” and “mailings” when discussing direct mail marketing campaigns. These two terms are different, but they can work together once you understand what they mean. Batching and Mailings A mailing is the number of mailers you want to send out in a marketing campaign. For instance, a three-mailer campaign means you’ll […]

How to Add Tools to Enhance a Multi-Touch Campaign that Fits Your Business

The more times you interact with a prospect, the more likely they will respond with positive results. A multi-touch campaign is more effective for reaching leads than just a single mailer. However, you can also enhance your campaign by using the right tools. List Scrubbing You’re wasting time and money when you send out mailers […]

Why Direct Mail is More Effective than Other Marketing Channels

Targeted Mail Direct mail works best when it’s targeted to the right audience. Lead generation tools allow you to track potential sellers based on behavior and not just on location. This feature increases the likelihood that the person you’re sending the mail to will be more motivated to sell and therefore more interested in your […]

How to Create a Call to Action That Converts in Your Direct Mail

When it comes to direct to seller marketing, you’ll discover several important components. The headline captures the attention of your audience, while the format keeps them from getting bored. Bullet lists hold their interest as they skim and stories involve their emotions. However, one of the most important parts of any marketing, including direct mail, […]

Direct Mail During the Holidays: Seven Tips For Success

We’ve made it our business at Open Letter to help you get the most out your direct mail throughout the year.  Things are a bit different during the holidays, so how should you change your strategies to ensure that you’re still getting maximum impact with your campaigns?  Take a look at the following seven steps […]