Why Your Real Estate Investor Yellow Letters are Underperforming

If you have ever browsed the Open Letter Marketing website it wouldn’t take you long to figure out that we do not carry yellow letters. This is why:

When yellow letters for real estate were first designed (over a decade ago) they were unique, and therefore, effective in getting your prospect’s attention.

However, with the competition in today’s market and the overuse by investors, your prospect’s mailboxes are saturated with the same mail piece – a yellow letter. This is evident by personally speaking with hundreds of home and property sellers a month and the constant conversations about yellow letters on BiggerPockets (do a search for yellow letters to see how many threads are discussing them).

But if this is the case, why are so many investors still using the same old, outdated mass marketing yellow letters?

There are many reasons but I mostly attribute it to the following three:

1) Real Estate Investors are not testing and tracking their direct mail marketing efforts through yellow letters well enough to make an informed decision/change

2) Investors are not looking at their real estate direct mail marketing as an essential element in their business and relying on what other people are doing

3) With so many companies out there, you can’t help but feel like they have to work.

Over the past 10 years, I have tested, tracked, and refined my direct mail to ensure my marketing was as effective as possible and to make sure I was truly standing out from my competition. To validate this, I tested over 100k mailers between my mailers and the yellow letter and found that my mailers received 26.7% more responses. Yes, you heard that right!!

Powered with this knowledge and wanting to provide fellow investors with a much better product than the same mail piece, I started Open Letter Marketing. Not only is every product personally tested in my real estate business to ensure effectiveness, but I’ve designed products and services that make automating your direct mail extremely easy.

Tired of guessing which product will work – we actually test all of our direct mail products before offering them to ensure maximum effectiveness

Tired of placing one-off orders – we offer multi-touch campaigns that  automate your follow ups. Unique mailers are sent in a specific sequence to create a conversation with your prospects, building rapport and eliciting positive responses.

Want to remove the “Do Not Call people” from your list? – We make removing these people from your direct mail marketing campaign easy so you don’t have to keep paying for unused mailers (i.e., postcards, etc.).

Stop spending your hard-earned marketing dollars on Yellow Letters and get set up with the more effective method of direct mail.




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