Should You Use a Logo On your Direct Mail Letters?

It’s surprising the number of businesses that don’t have a logo for their marketing campaigns. They may use a generic look for ads. Maybe they’re hoping to save money or they just haven’t been inspired to come up with an idea that represents the company.

When it comes to online or offline advertising, you may wonder how important a logo really is to your message. Here are some ideas to help you decide if you want to include a logo in your direct mail, email marketing or other advertising resources.

The Answer is “Yes”

In most cases, the answer to whether you should use a logo is “yes.” It has been proven that people remember images more easily than names. So using a logo on your mailers will ensure that you are remembered when the time comes for them to sell their house. Remember that your company isn’t the only one sending marketing material to your potential audience. All the information starts to run together unless you can make it stand out. One way to accomplish this goal is to add a logo to all of your marketing.

For example, say you want to invest in a six-mailer campaign. You include your logo, which will tie all of your mail pieces together. By the time the person sees your fifth or sixth mailer, they recognize the logo and it sticks in their mind. It also ensures you stand out from other mailers that may not even be a competitor, except for the fact that they are direct mail advertising going to the same address.

When is the Answer “No”?

The only time you may not need a logo is if you’re looking to sell your services as person-to-person rather than under a business name. Normally this occurs when you are investing as a small business or a family owned operation. In this situation, you can use the space for a logo to place a photo of yourself or your family. Let people know you’re a real person even though you’re running a business. Eventually I do recommend getting a logo that still has the authentic feel of your business but adds an image to the name. 

While a photo isn’t the same as a logo, it can act in the same way to increase brand recognition. The point is to not leave that part of your campaign design blank.

Cost and Where to get a logo?

“It costs too much money.” There is no additional cost on our end whether you send a mailer with or without a logo. You can go online to Fivvr or Upwork and hire a graphic designer for minimal investment. They can create a simple, straightforward logo which you can include in all of your marketing. There are also websites like 99designs where you can have a number of designers create a logo and you can choose which is the most suited to your brand and company. 

Don’t pause your marketing until you have a logo, but begin planning for it now. Once you have one you can tie all of your branding together with a logo, whether it’s online or offline.

If you haven’t been using a logo, it’s never too late to start. Contact us to determine which marketing tools are best for your goals while you work on developing a logo which fits your brand. To learn more about our services and how we can set you up for success contact us at (978) 269-0245 or email at

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