Why Direct Mail Works for Probate Leads

Real estate probates are a great niche to invest in. However, many real estate investors find probates to be a very challenging niche. In general, probate prospects are sensitive and grieving…so what is the best way to reach out to them? The answer is direct mail and we’ll tell you why.


Your prospects are stressed and overwhelmed during this time. They will not respond well to cold calling. They need something a lot more nurturing and that’s why direct mail works for probate. Real estate direct mail is an unobtrusive way of telling your prospects that you’re there when they are ready to sell. 

Nurturing Message & More Benefits

With direct mail you can craft your message to be subtle and nurturing. Start off by recognizing their loss. For example, “I’m sorry for your loss and I want to make this process as easy as possible for you”. In your message you want to include that when they are comfortable and ready to sell you’ll be there. Let them know how you can assist them in many ways during this stressful time. 

Include that you will buy their home so they don’t have to wait and constantly worry if it sells or not. Let them know you will pay in cash and or take care of their clean up so they don’t have to. If it is a house that needs a lot of work, assure them that you will buy as is and take care of upkeep. Including all the benefits of selling to you so they cannot deny. (Sharon Vornholt podcast)

Quick Turn Around 

A benefit of direct mail for real estate investors is after submitting your order, the letter can get to the executor within the next week or so. Your mailer will be one of the first the prospect sees. Some prospects want to sell the home fast so this could lead to a fast turn around. 

Sharon Vornholt’s Message

Sharon Vornholt, a real estate investor and friend of the company, has been in the probate niche for years and recommends using direct mail for many reasons. Here are just a few outlined in one of her recent posts on Bigger Pockets.

article picture2

Mailing Campaign

Sharon stresses that it is extremely important to be there in the beginning. However, it is of equal importance to mail every month reminding your prospect that you’re there when they are ready. Most of the time 80% of deals come after your fifth mailer. (Sharon Vornholt Podcast). 

In Conclusion…

Overall, probates can be a tricky niche but following these tips will help you succeed with probates. If you have any questions about mailing to probate leads let us know! Contact Open Letter Marketing today at (978) 269-0245 or info@openlettermarketing.com.

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