How to Add Tools to Enhance a Multi-Touch Campaign that Fits Your Business

The more times you interact with a prospect, the more likely they will respond with positive results. A multi-touch campaign is more effective for reaching leads than just a single mailer. However, you can also enhance your campaign by using the right tools.

List Scrubbing

You’re wasting time and money when you send out mailers to outdated or incorrect addresses. List scrubbing ensures you have correct addresses for the names on your list. It tells you when addresses are no longer valid because the person is deceased or the property is vacant. When you’re ready to send out your mailer, you know each address you have is accurate.

Ringless Voicemail

Ringless voicemail reminds your leads about the mailer you sent and makes it easy to get the message out without disturbing them. We time the voicemail to go out a few days after the mailer drops so that your voicemail acts as a friendly reminder that you are interested in discussing their property. 


Use batching to make your mailings more effective. Instead of sending out all the mailers at once, you can set them to send out in batches at different times. It allows you to answer phone calls and follow up consistently, so you aren’t overwhelmed with all of your mailers dropping at once.

IP Marketing

Make your marketing better targeted to your intended audience with IP marketing. You can use IP marketing to send relevant ads to people who fit your desired demographics. Perhaps you already sent out a mailer, so they know who you are. While an ad on a person’s computer or tablet won’t necessarily make them stop what they are doing to click on it, your brand will be in front of them yet again. Statistics show that it takes several times of seeing a brand before a consumer will take the next step. The more times you can get in front of your leads, the better your chances of getting the deal.

These tools can help you bring your multi-touch campaign to a whole new level. See how our resources can increase the effectiveness of your marketing. Contact us today to find out more about these services we offer at (978) 269-0245 or by email at

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