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We’ve made it our business to equip you with the right tools to reach the summit of the Direct Mail Mountain like a pro. Keeping the following four steps in mind as you build your campaign will give you the understanding to level up on the competition. We even made a handy infographic to illustrate our tips, you’re welcome.
Lead Lists
Begin your ascent up the direct mail mountain by creating a solid lead base. An effective lead list is not a one and done project. Instead, it is a list that is cultivated and scrubbed to leave only the most eligible prospects. Recipients who have motivation to sell their home should be included on this list. For example absentee owners, people who are in pre foreclosure, people who have recently inherited a properly that they may not want/need, and so on. Any recipient whose mailer is returned should be removed. Keep your list clean, updated, and scrubbed and you will set yourself up for success. With simple clues like these, you’ll be able to refine your list making it beautifully niche.
Mailer Type
Your next step is to choose the right mailers. Your prospects will receive mail from many people on any given day. How will you stand out from the competition? Handwritten Letters communicate trustworthiness and personal attention. That’s why we use fonts that mimic real handwriting that make prospects more apt to open your letters and give you a call. Professional Letters give your company a high end feel that really describes in detail why they should pick up the phone and give you a call. We suggest colorful envelopes to stand out from the crowd and make prospects excited to open your mailer. Think different, think personal and you’ll be rewarded.
Where many direct mailing campaigns fail, is in the follow-up. Keep ahead of the competition by keeping in front of your prospect’s eyes. Continue following up on an initial mailer and your chances of grabbing that sale are higher. While many campaigns stop after one initial contact, your chances of success are highest after your 5th contact. We suggest monthly follow-ups after the initial mailer to stay in the game longer than the competition and land that deal.
Consistency is key in making it to the top of the direct mail mountain! Once you begin getting calls from your prospects, your team should spring into action. Answer every call and follow up with those who did call. After all, the call is why you sent the mailer out in the first place. Make all your hard work pay off by consistently following up with those who place a call. Then you can watch your mailers turn into deals.
Mailers that actually work are our specialty. We’d love to help you climb the direct mail mountain successfully. Contact us at (978) 269-0245 or email us at We can’t wait to hear from you!

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