What is the ROS Mailer and Why Do I Need It?

As a real estate investor, you’re always in the market for new strategies to help you gain more clients and improve your leads. The ROS Product from Open Letter Marketing is another option to help make you successful. Here is how it can help you stand out from the competition.

What is the ROS Mailer?

The ROS mailer or Rapid Offer System, prints an instant cash offer directly on your postcard or letter. The ROS system will take your property address and using proprietary software, will print out a fair cash offer directly on your mailer. You then have the option to choose from 4 cash offer types ranging from aggressive to conservative.

This mailer can be customized with your logo, preferred colors and fonts and other features to fit your unique marketing strategy. 

How Does the ROS Product Benefit Investors?

The biggest benefit to using the ROS mailer is that it makes you stand out from the competition. Your leads are getting multiple pieces of mail from investors asking to buy their house. They receive postcards, letters, flyers and more. Most of them get tossed in the trash. Why would they look at yours? Because it skips that introductory mailing and goes right to what they want to see – an actual cash offer. 

When you use this product with Open Letter Marketing, you can customize it with your own wording and choice of letter or postcard. You can select from several standard postcard styles or letterhead styles, choose your own font and select your envelope. 

The Offer Meter is what makes this product stand out. It identifies a range of prices for your properties, allowing you to adjust to the level you prefer. Level 1 is a low offer while Level 4 is the most aggressive level. Most investors choose somewhere in between, but you have the opportunity to review the first 10 records to adjust to fit your goals. 

Open Letter Marketing makes it easy to upload your lead list and generate ROS mailers with little work from you. 

The ROS mailer can take your marketing to a whole new level with more engagement and results. To learn more about this product or to place an order, contact Open Letter Marketing today at 978-269-0245.

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