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What to Do with Undeliverable Real Estate Direct Mail

When you send out bulk real estate investment direct mailings, you can expect that not every piece will be delivered. Don’t just toss that item in the trash when it comes back undeliverable. Instead, get it ready to send out correctly the next time. You never know when one of those undeliverable pieces of direct […]

Handwritten vs. Professional Postcards

Postcards are an effective, easy way to contact potential clients with direct mail. They are simple and inexpensive. Postcards also have a good read rate and ROI, which is important when considering your marketing strategy. If you’ve decided to add postcards to your multi-touch campaign, the next decision is to use handwritten or professional postcards. […]

Real Estate Direct Mail Pricing and How It Works

Understanding how pricing works can be confusing for customers. Open Letter Marketing wants to ensure our pricing is always transparent and easy to understand. Here is some information that will help you make the most of your direct mail marketing campaign to be more effective and save money. Save Money When You Do More In […]

Typography: Make a Difference in Handwritten Letters

When you receive a handwritten letter, you’re usually excited to see what the sender had to say. These letters feel more personal and the recipient will pay attention even when they know it is a marketing letter. Someone took the time to write to them, which creates a positive impression of the sender. The typography […]

Direct Mail Marketing Trends for 2020

Direct mail continues to be relevant even in the digital age of marketing. However, some aspects of direct mail become more popular while others fade away. Here is a look at what’s trending in direct mail for 2020. Handwritten Letters In an era of personalization online, it’s important for offline marketing to feel more personal […]