Real Estate Direct Mail Pricing and How It Works

Understanding how pricing works can be confusing for customers. Open Letter Marketing wants to ensure our pricing is always transparent and easy to understand. Here is some information that will help you make the most of your direct mail marketing campaign to be more effective and save money.

Save Money When You Do More

In essence, you save money when you send more mail to potential sellers. Larger volume campaigns will get better pricing. If you can commit to more mailing, you can drive the price per piece down for overall savings.

For example, with handwritten letters your cost per piece for first class goes from $1.05 if you have less than 1000 pieces to $0.94 per piece if you have between 1000 and 2999. The price continues to go down as you move into the larger quantities. (3k, 5k, 10k, 25k+) This is standard practice in the direct mail industry to spend more on the total and save on the individual cost.

How Pricing Applies to Real Estate Multi-Touch Campaigns

What many marketers may not think about is how many times they are going to send mail to their leads. If they plan to do a multi-touch campaign, they should include that strategy from the beginning because it will save them money.

In the example with the handwritten letters, you are charged on the total number of mailers rather than by campaign. For example, if you want to send out three separate mailers for 1000 leads, your price would be under the 3000 to 4999 quantity for the total number in the multi-touch campaign. This is a great way to save money if you know you will be sending multiple direct mailings.

To compare your cost and savings, consider this. If you pay for 1000 mailers separately for three campaigns, your price per piece at first class is $0.94. That’s $940 for each campaign or a total of $2820. Now, if you had decided to do a multi-touch campaign from the beginning, the price for each item would be $0.90. for all three campaigns, you would pay $2700 for a savings of $120. The larger your campaign, the greater the savings.

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