Direct Mail Marketing Trends for 2020

Direct mail continues to be relevant even in the digital age of marketing. However, some aspects of direct mail become more popular while others fade away. Here is a look at what’s trending in direct mail for 2020.

Handwritten Letters

In an era of personalization online, it’s important for offline marketing to feel more personal as well. One way to accomplish this goal is with handwritten letters. No, you don’t need to sit down and write a letter to each of your leads. Handwritten letters simply mean a font that appears as if the letter was handwritten.

Using a handwriting font enhances the image that you took out time from your busy day to craft a letter specifically to the recipient. When you use targeted marketing, that is essentially what you do.

Tip: Use Phoenix handwritten font to see variation in the letters and numbers rather than carbon copies. 

Google Street View Postcards

Postcards in general are an easy way to get the attention of your leads because they are short and sweet. Using Google street view enhances the personalization because they see the street view of their home. They take notice because they recognize the property. The postcard goes from just being a piece of mail to something they want to read.

Quality Data

Statistics show that direct mail is growing, but it is now more hyper-focused and timely. It’s critical that companies have quality data to mail their target audience. The need for lists and scrubbing those lists cannot be overstated. You don’t want to waste your time and money sending out mail to random names or to addresses that are inaccurate. It pays to take the time to ensure your lists are accurate.

Combine Online and Offline Marketing

Companies can’t choose between online and offline marketing in today’s society. They must use both methods to reach their audience. However, it’s essential that they make their marketing cohesive by creating a brand. For instance, they should use the same logo online that appears on their direct mail pieces.

If you’re using direct mail to market to your leads, you want to know what’s effective and efficient. Record information about your methods and the response rate to find out what you’re doing right and what can be improved.

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