Typography: Make a Difference in Handwritten Letters

When you receive a handwritten letter, you’re usually excited to see what the sender had to say. These letters feel more personal and the recipient will pay attention even when they know it is a marketing letter. Someone took the time to write to them, which creates a positive impression of the sender. The typography you use can also have a big impact.

Consider Readability

Just like with other fonts, you want the handwriting to be easy to read. Your recipients aren’t going to spend a lot of time trying to figure out what letter or word they are attempting to read. This includes not only the style of font but the size as well. If you’re targeting older homeowners, you may want to make the font larger as if someone has a bigger handwriting.

Consider Image

The handwriting font you choose will say something about your style and possibly even your character. Too many curves and fancy flourishes and you might come across as presumptuous or arrogant. Too small or plain and it might seem boring or unconcerned. Choose a font that is most like your own handwriting to be the most accurate and honest.

Make It Personal

Some fonts, like our variable font Phoenix, actually change with the letter. It looks more like real handwriting because the letters change from one word to the next. You know that as you write a letter by hand, you’re ‘A’ may not have the exact same width or the ‘T’ may be crossed at a slightly different angle. Even though most readers aren’t analyzing the writing in a letter, they subconsciously notice details that make the letter more authentic.

If you’re going to choose to send out handwritten letters, you should spend time selecting the correct font. Just like the fact that you’re using handwritten letters or typed standard letters, the font you choose will also convey a message. You want to make sure it’s the right one for your marketing campaign.

Check out our one-of-a-kind OLM font styles here and see which one fits your personality!

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