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Every lead is valuable, which is why you never want to dismiss any that are on your lead lists. However, some leads are more likely to convert – or at least sooner than others.

What Makes a High-Quality Lead?

A lead that is defined to be high-quality is one that is most likely to convert. This lead may be in a situation where they must sell. For instance, a home with a deceased owner must be resolved soon. Homes with code violations or evictions require the owner to have to sell. These leads are often open to your approach because they can benefit from your assistance.

Here are some examples of high-quality leads:

·         Vacant

·         Code violation

·         Deceased

·         Tax lien

·         Super lead

·         Probate

·         Eviction

·         Driving for dollars

What Makes a Low-Quality Lead?

On the other end of the spectrum is the low-quality lead. Leads labeled as Expired, Absentee, or Equity are considered to be low leads. They may be interested in selling, but there is no sense of urgency.

Some examples of low- to medium-quality leads include the following:

·         Expired

·         Senior

·         Trust

·         Equity

·         Divorce

Low-quality leads can still provide a wonderful deal but aren’t in the same rush or need to sell as the high-quality leads. Many of these leads could convert to high-quality at some point in the future.

The point of being aware of the different types of lead quality is to customize your marketing strategy to each type. For instance, you may need to entice someone who is a low-quality lead to think about selling. With a high-quality lead, your focus might be on showing them how you can help them out of their current situation.

You can use any of the OLM products to market to all of your leads. From handwritten letters to Tri-Fold Flyers, you can create the perfect message for any lead type. Some products, such as the ROS mailer, are geared more towards those who are ready to sell now.

Separate out your lead lists by quality type to create separate mailing campaigns. This allows you to personalize your interactions with prospects while minimizing the work.

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