Direct Mail During the Holidays: Seven Tips For Success

We’ve made it our business at Open Letter to help you get the most out your direct mail throughout the year.  Things are a bit different during the holidays, so how should you change your strategies to ensure that you’re still getting maximum impact with your campaigns?  Take a look at the following seven steps and you’ll be mailing during the holidays like a pro in no time!
For most people, the holidays are a time to relax with friends and family.  For business owners and marketers, it is time to get busy. While consumers are deleting mass emails in bulk, direct mail campaigns are getting their attention.  According to the United States Postal Service, on average, 3 out of 4 direct mail customers receive and open their mail the same day it’s delivered to their mailbox. Combined with the anticipation of holiday cards and gifts from loved ones, your direct mail campaign will receive a record number of opens from your most valued customers.  Before you take a well-deserved break, take a look at our seven easy tips for direct mailing success during the holidays.

  • Textured Paper Gets Attention – If you want to stand out in a sea of mail, (literally) tap your customers’ curiosity by using textured paper.  Simple raised cards will pique curiosity among the flat papers, add interest by choosing colors and patterns to further amplify your message. Tri-fold flyers are printed on parchment paper which is another great option to add a little texture to your mail piece.
  • Utilize Postcards – People receive countless cards and catalogs during the holiday season.  Save them some effort and send a professional postcard that will stand out among their other mail.  Saving them a step by not using an envelope ensures that they’ll take a look at your message.  Be creative, and add a personal touch if possible.
  • Make It Memorable – Taste and smell are tied more closely to memory than visual imagery.  Added to the nostalgic feelings that holidays often evoke, this can be a powerful marketing tool.  Adding fragrance or even attaching a treat to your holiday mailing will evoke memories of past holidays and make your brand more memorable at the same time.
  • Do The Write Thing – Handwritten letters are quickly becoming an art of the past.  Why not get people’s attention with a nice handwritten letter? If you’re imagining slaving away at your desk for hours with a pen and notepad, have no fear! We have handwritten mailer services available!
  • The New Year Is Upon Us – The post-holiday weeks and months are not only a good time for people to unwind and reset, but also for businesses to get back in front of customers while they’ve got a little more time and attention to devote to marketing materials.  Don’t discount January and February as good times to send mail and get in front of potential sellers. In fact January gets some of the highest response rates because people are looking to sell houses that have heating/snow problems and get a fresh start.
  • Mix Your Media – Combining direct mail, ringless voicemail, and email marketing gives you the trifecta of contact opportunities.  While one audience may prefer direct mail, another may spend more time on their phone.  Why not reach them both, using the same message in different formats? Send a direct mail piece followed by a ringless voicemail to make a strong impact and increases your response rates.
  • Utilize Your Lists – If your product or services serve a specific market, why not target them directly?  Scrub your list for homeowners who are more likely to sell. If you don’t want to list homes of a certain size, make sure to hone in on that criteria so that you’re not sending mail to people who you are not likely to buy from.
  • Spread Cheer – Give your prospects something to smile about, and they’re more likely to save that mailer and remember you when it’s time to sell.  A cute photo, a fun joke, and valuable information are all great ways to evoke a positive emotional response from your audience.

Direct mail marketing is a simple and cost effective way to share your marketing message and increase business.  What are you waiting for?
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