Handwritten vs. Professional Postcards

Postcards are an effective, easy way to contact potential clients with direct mail. They are simple and inexpensive. Postcards also have a good read rate and ROI, which is important when considering your marketing strategy. If you’ve decided to add postcards to your multi-touch campaign, the next decision is to use handwritten or professional postcards.

Why Handwritten?

Modern professional postcards come with numerous options, including a handwritten font. You can create polished cards with a personal touch. You can choose from a variety of handwritten fonts, like Albany, Columbus or Hartford to convey your message. For instance, the Seattle font is cursive, which can convey a more professional look to the handwriting. On the other hand, Hartford font provides a more informal approach.

In some cases, a professional font may be more effective. For example, if you are working with clients whose native language isn’t English or they are older with poor eyesight, a professional font may be easier to read. Sometimes, a professional postcard can be more effective because it looks polished and business-like.

More Customization Options

With professional postcards, you can create a custom look. Choose small or large postcards or select Google Street View postcards which includes the address of your potential clients. It adds a personal touch, which increases the trust level and the response rate.

You can add your logo and images that enhance your brand and coordinate with other marketing efforts. Various background colors can add to the professional look. You also get the option to send all the postcards out at once or in batches to stagger the responses.

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing professional or handwritten postcards. Instead, focus on your message and image and ensure the postcards are part of a cohesive marketing effort. Postcards are a great way to enhance your brand and get the attention of your targeted audience.

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