Why Send Direct Mail as Part of Your Marketing Campaign

“No one reads print ads anymore.” “Direct marketing is dead.” “Printed marketing materials for real estate investors just end up in the trash.” You’ve probably heard some variation of these sentiments before as someone advocates for digital marketing. While digital marketing has grown over the past few years, real estate direct mail isn’t dying. In fact, the two don’t have to compete. Instead, they can complement each other. There are plenty of reasons to include direct mail as the primary part of your marketing campaign.

Direct Mail is Effective

Statistics from surveys and experts show that people read direct mail. In fact, when you send targeted campaigns, you get about a 4.4 percent read rate, which is significantly higher than with other forms of real estate marketing. More people are reading their direct mail ads now than they did 30 years ago.

People Like to Get Mail

Studies also show that 75 percent of people like to get mail as long as it isn’t a bill. One myth is that only Baby Boomers and Gen X are interested in mail, but statistics show that people as young as 18 like and believe in direct mail.

You Can Trust Direct Mail

Perhaps the greatest reason that real estate investment direct mail is still popular in this digital age is because it’s more trustworthy. Print marketing has a name behind it. It’s easy to research and trace as opposed to emails and other forms of digital advertising that can come from anyone. With online scammers, hackers and cyber-criminals, there is a strong element of suspicion with online advertising.

Not All Direct Mail is Created Equal

With those statistics, it would be easy to jump in and start sending out random ads to get new clients. However, not all direct mail is the same. For one thing, it’s important to have a targeted audience – people who are interested in your service. Mailing lists are critical to improving the response rate of your direct mail campaign for real estate.

The type of direct mail product you use also has an impact. With so many products to choose from, it’s often a good idea to create a multi-touch campaign. You can send a handwritten letter, postcard and a flyer to keep your name in front of your audience.

Using the right tools to appeal to your audience is the way to get the best results with your direct mail campaign. Let Open Letter Marketing help you create or refine your marketing strategy with products that are proven to work. Contact us at info@openlettermarketing.com or 978-269-0245.

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