Images in Mailers: Should I Use Them?

When creating direct mail pieces to send to their leads, many people focus on the content. While this is certainly important since you want to get your message across, images can enhance your mailers in several ways.

Get Real

One of the best ways to use images in a direct mailing is to include a picture of you. Your recipients will see that you’re a real person and they will pay more attention to what you have to say. Keep the image of yourself relaxed and inviting while still maintaining a professional attitude. A picture of the person sending the mailer gives people more confidence in your message.

Retain Information

Studies show that the brain processes images quicker than it will text. If you want your recipients to remember your message, include an image. Just make sure it’s not a boring stock photo that they have probably seen with other mailings. To stand out, create an image that is unique to your message.

Get Them to Read

Many people still get multiple pieces of direct mail even in today’s digital age. It’s all too common for them to glance at the mailer and just toss it in the trash. If you want to have your audience read the information you’re sending, an image will help you achieve that goal. An image will capture their attention and get them to read your mailer to find out more beyond what the image implies.

How to Choose the Right Image

Look online and you can find thousands of images about houses for sale or other real estate images. You want something that represents you and your message while standing out from the crowd. One of the most effective ways to get attention is a picture of you. However, you can also include a photo of your company logo or other images that let people get to know you a little better. Pair the ideal image with Google Street View postcards to make a big impression on recipients. These postcards garner a lot of attention and are quite popular. By personalizing them, you can make them even more effective. 

You might find Google Street View postcards a great way to communicate to your recipients or handwritten letters to have the right appeal. If you would like to learn more about using images in your mailers, contact us at 978-269-0245 or

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