Why Direct Mail is More Effective than Other Marketing Channels

Targeted Mail

Direct mail works best when it’s targeted to the right audience. Lead generation tools allow you to track potential sellers based on behavior and not just on location. This feature increases the likelihood that the person you’re sending the mail to will be more motivated to sell and therefore more interested in your offer.

When trying to appeal to homeowners and landlords for your real estate investment business, direct mail is still one of the most effective and cost-efficient methods of advertising available. Even with social media, websites and landing pages, and other online marketing strategies, direct mail still provides an impressive return-on-investment.

For instance, you may find the potential sellers have requested information about selling their homes. Your list will be compiled with names of people who want to sell, which gives you an advantage in your campaign since you’ll be offering something they are already interested in. Other useful list types include absentee owners, high equity, pre-foreclosure, probate, driving for dollars and more. With direct to seller marketing you can cut out the middleman and speak directly to the motivated sellers that are more likely to do business with you. 

Personalized Marketing

One of the reasons direct mail continues to be successful for investors is because you can personalize the content. You can easily merge the person’s name, but that is just one option. Include the actual physical address and other details about the area to make the reader feel that you truly understand where they live. You can cite statistics about the neighborhood, such as rising market values or new construction.

Statistics show that people feel direct mail is more personal than other forms of marketing, including email. People get inundated by email and often hit DELETE without ever opening the message, whereas very few people throw away mail without opening it… Add a really bright eye catching envelope into the mix and you are bound to get calls back..

More Options

Direct mail comes with multiple options and is fully customizable, so you can choose which method and style works best for your chosen leads. For instance, a handwritten letter may get better results with an older demographic while a postcard could be a quick way to capture the attention of a busy, fast moving individual. 

A typed letter or one with designs may capture the attention of homeowners as they notice the bold colors or large font. While some of these choices vary in price, you can justify the expense if it improves your ROI.

Layer your Marketing

Another benefit to direct mail is the ability to layer other marketing channels to your direct mail campaign. If you have found success with direct mail but want to take response rates to the next level then you can pair direct mail with ringless voicemail to really trigger the phone calls. IP Marketing is another marketing option as well and direct mail is the backbone that ties it all together. 

The key to your direct mail campaign being successful is to organize it with a specific goal in mind. Look at each part of the campaign in relation to the other aspects and include ringless voicemail or other components to enhance the results. Learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals with direct mail advertising. Call us at 978-269-0245 or email us at info@openlettermarketing.com.

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