Which Direct Mailer Type is Best for Your Business

Postcards, handwritten letters, tri-fold flyers. So many options to choose from. How do you know which mailer is the best type for your real estate investment business? The answer isn’t as clear as you might like, but here are some guidelines to help you think through your choices.


Consider handwritten or professional letters from Open Letter Marketing to stand out from the crowd if you market to a special niche of sellers. For example, your target audience may be probate sellers or sellers whose homes are in foreclosure. You can create appealing direct mail letters that focus on the pain points of these prospects in letters that provide a solution to their problems. Letters tend to have the best response rate for this type of situation.


If you have large lead lists with hundreds or thousands of prospects, postcards are the way to go. Our postcards get the prospects’ attention in a succinct way. They are also a cost-effective option with a solid response rate.

Tri-fold Flyers

This is the perfect mix of letter and postcard while right in the middle of price. These flyers have a response rate comparable to the letter while providing quick access more like the postcard. You can customize them to fit with your marketing campaign.

Autopen Letters and Postcards

If your real estate direct mail marketing strategy is more personalized, autopen letters and postcards are the perfect option. They use handwriting that is strikingly similar to an actual handwritten message. By using a robotic arm to write the message, these products enhance authenticity, which can improve response rate for your audience.

If you like the sound of all these products and aren’t sure which one is best suited to your audience, you can send out a test run. Track the results to see which is most effective. You also have the option to mix things up if you’re creating a multi-touch campaign.

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