Marketing Direct to Home Sellers

Marketing directly to homeowners is the best strategy for today’s competitive housing market. Off-market deals are the winning choice for real estate investors.

Bright MLS had the following to say about this topic: “Bright’s On/Off MLS Study reveals the median sale price for homes promoted through MLS was 16.98% higher than homes sold off MLS.”

What this means for the investor is that they gain an advantage over MLS with direct to seller mail.

What Makes Real Estate Direct Marketing Work?

There are several reasons marketing direct to home sellers works for investors. First, it allows them to form a connection to the seller, which can feel more personal, especially in times of stress, such as with probate situations or foreclosures.

You’re also providing the home seller with a tangible reminder of who you are. A letter or postcard includes your information for contact when they are ready to take the next step. You can automate your direct mail marketing campaigns as well, which allows you to reach more people and track results.

Direct mail sent to the seller also enables you to contact people from your local market or another specific market. Over time, it will help you build a solid reputation as a knowledgeable real estate investor, leading to more sellers interested in your services.

You can use direct mail marketing to sellers for better timing. Whether you’re taking advantage of seasonality, the economy, or life situations, your marketing is in front of the audience when they are most likely to make a decision.

Custom Options for Direct Mail Marketing

With so many options for real estate direct mail campaigns, you can customize your marketing to fit your intended audience. Send out handwritten letters for those who are going through a tough time or a quick postcard for sellers who are busy.

Let Open Letter Marketing help you create the perfect campaign for your prospects. We make it easy to transfer lists and select the products with the best response rate. Call us at 978-269-0245 and let us help you make the most of your direct marketing efforts. 

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