Why You Should Use Tracking Numbers with Your Marketing

Would you continue to sink money into repairs on a vehicle that constantly has something new go wrong? Probably not. So, why would you continue to invest money into leads that aren’t getting results?

When you track your responses with phone numbers, you can find out which of those leads are performing best.

What is a Tracking Number?

A tracking number is a unique phone number that has been assigned to a specific type of lead list. You can then track the results and determine how successful your lists are.

For example, you could have everyone from your probate list to call one phone number and all the leads on your absentee list call another number. If more responses call in on the probate number, it tells you that you should invest more of your resources to probate lists. It also lets you know that you might want to change something in how your marketing to the leads on the absentee list.

Benefits of a Tracking Number

One of the biggest benefits to assigning a tracking number to your different lists is that it gives you quick and easy feedback. You don’t have to sift through reports or analyze performance metrics in other ways.

You can figure out a response rate easily with a tracking number. All you need to know is how many mailers you sent out with that one phone number and how many calls you got. Of course, you may want more detailed information, such as date and time of the call to know how long after sending out the mailers you received a response. You will also want to record how many of those calls turned into a conversion.

Tracking your lists with a phone number can help you capitalize on what’s working and make changes to what isn’t to improve your ROI. Don’t waste time and money with lists that don’t convert. Contact Open Letter Marketing at 978-269-0245 to find out about our list scrubbing services to ensure your lists are up to date. 

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