The Future of Mass Text Messaging

Have you ever gotten one of those texts telling you about some product or service? Maybe you signed up for a rewards program and now you get texts about special offers and deals. As an investor, you may have thought, “Hey, why don’t I try marketing with text messages?” This is a great option, but you should always make sure the laws and regulations in your market allow it.

Limits Imposed on Text Messages

Text messaging is going to be a regulated industry for businesses and other organizations. With new stipulations in place, companies won’t be able to send text messages without registering their phone numbers. They must be approved before they can use this option for marketing. Even if you’re approved, you must stay up to date on any changes to the rules of text messaging for marketing. If you fail to maintain compliance, the cost of fines will also go up. Remember this is not a cost per message but per recipient. So, if you send out a text message that isn’t compliant to 100 people, you pay the fine times 100. That can add up to a lot of money.

Not as Powerful as You Think

Text messaging has held some appeal as marketers look at it as the “next new thing.” However, it’s more powerful when used in conjunction with other marketing methods. You’re limited on your message and even the look of the message. Compare a plain text message to a direct mailing campaign and you’ll quickly see how much more you can do with direct mail. However, it can be a partner with direct mailings to add that extra touch.

Direct mail may seem old-school, but it’s stuck around for this long for one simple reason – It works! With the modern tools available, you have more options to customize it for your needs and audience.

If your direct mail campaign is looking a little tired, instead of looking for other options, let Open Letter Marketing help you revitalize your campaign with new ideas.

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