Things to Consider When Mailing During the Holiday Season

When sending mail to prospects during the holiday season, you don’t want to see your conversion rate drop. It’s important to consider the following to ensure your mail is read and still gets good results during the busy holiday season.

Lengthier Turn-around Time

The US postal service deals with a lot more mail between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, which means it may take longer for your mail to reach its destination. Many people still mail out Christmas cards, but there are also a lot more customers shopping at Amazon and other online stores and sending gifts during this time as well.

The weather can also have a big impact with snow storms delaying delivery. A storm may ground an airplane or it may prevent a driver from reaching their destination. Between all the time factors, standard class mail which typically hits is 7-10 days may take 10-12 days and first class mail that has a 3-6 business day window may be pushing the 5-6 day mark before hitting the mailbox.

More Mail

Another challenge you’ll have to deal with is people getting more mail. Their mailbox will be filled with more circulars and advertisements as well as Christmas cards and other holiday pieces. Your mailing will be one of many they receive, and it could receive less attention than normal.

Because people are focused on the various activities and events going on during this time, it is important to provide mailers that are bright and eye catching so you can keep your audience engaged.

How to Deal with the Challenges

Even though it can be more of a challenge to send mail during the holidays, it is still important to continue reaching your prospects. You just need to up your game a bit.

Do something that makes your mail stand out. Bold colors for flyers or switching from a standard mailer to a postcard could make more of an impact. Add variations of your mailing to help it stand out. For instance, using textured paper is just one of the suggested ways to create memorable mailings during the holiday season.

Bring cheer with your mailing in the design of the mailer as well as the wording. Find a way to show how your offer will make the lives of your recipients better.

Remind your recipients of your mailing with ringless voicemail or email marketing. Include IP marketing as part of your marketing strategy. When you combine different techniques, you have a better chance at getting your potential client’s attention.

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