The Importance of Excel Data Columns for Your Marketing

Data is critical to the success of your real estate direct mail marketing efforts. When you have incorrect data, your marketing efforts will fail. Here are a few strategies to apply with Excel data columns to improve your success rate.

Create Multiple Address Columns

Make sure you keep the street address separate from the city and state. For the street address, you must include the numbers and street name together. City should have its own column as well as state and zip code. Why is this important? When you separate the data into equal but unique columns, systems that use your data will read the information more accurately and make fewer errors.

Don’t forget to include apartment numbers or office suite numbers in their own column, making sure the direct mail piece reaches your intended recipient. These values should be in their own columns as well. By adding specific information for the unit, you ensure that the direct mail you send mail doesn’t get left at the front desk.

Review Your Information

One of the major benefits with OLM’s products, such as the large postcard, is that the data transfers quite easily from your spreadsheet. This feature reduces work on your part while getting the mailers out the door that much faster. However, the real estate investment mailings are only as good as the information provided. Take a few minutes to review your Excel columns before you submit an order for a product.

Make certain each column is completed and not left blank. It’s easy to overlook the two-digit state abbreviation, but it’s critical to getting your mail to the right place. Take the few minutes needed every time you make a purchase to check your investment spreadsheet and each column. It will save you a great deal of frustration if you later determine that data was missing.Find out more about OLM products and merging data when you contact us at 978-269-0245.

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