Return Mail Address: Do I Need One?

When you send out hundreds or thousands of direct mailing pieces, you may wonder if a return address is necessary. As you design your postcard or handwritten letter, you may wonder if there is any value in a return address. Here is the answer to that question.

What a Return Mail Address Does

The purpose of a return mail address is to get undelivered mail returned to you. While the post office will forward first-class mail if the recipient has filled out a forwarding card, this only works for 12 months. It’s also not included in most bulk mailers or standard-rate mailings unless you provide a special request for an additional fee.

Return mail addresses guarantee that first-class mail gets returned, which allows you to update your mailing lists. When you add the new information, you can be more certain that your future mailings will reach the intended recipients.

How to Get Accurate Address Information

One of the best ways to get accurate information for your leads or to avoid sending out mailers to inaccurate addresses is through Skip Tracing. You submit your records of individuals and the system provides accurate address information based on public records and other data. You also get up to 3 emails and 5 phone #’s. You get results in minutes to allow you to begin your direct mail campaign with accurate information.

List scrubbing provides information to tell you if the person is deceased or if the property is vacant. It also provides apartment appending and light skip tracing. You can save money on postage and mailers when you use list scrubbing at the beginning of your campaign.

To learn more about these services or to place an order, contact Open Letter Marketing at 978-269-0245.

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