Which Postage Should I Use for My Real Estate Mailers?

In a world of stiff real estate competition, direct mail is still one of the very best ways to stand out and reach your potential sellers. When sending out a direct mail marketing campaign you want to make sure you’re doing it in the most effective way that works and keeps you ahead. There are a lot of choices to make when sending out your real estate mailers including what kind of postage to use. Below we’ll explain the two postage options, their differences, and a quick tip to get you more hot leads! First Class Mail Our first postage option is First Class Mail, which is the highest priority of the two options. Mail sent this way arrives within 4-6 business days. Clearly this is the speedy option, which of course has its advantages. First Class also ensures that a recipient gets their postcard or letter forwarded if they have moved. Not only that, but if your mail is undeliverable the post office will send it back to you and tell you why it couldn’t be delivered (vacant, deceased, address not found, etc.) Keep in mind Open Letter Marketing automatically uses this option for all of our postcards. A little tip, if you skip trace these leads you could find a gold mine for deals because not many people take that extra step. How sweet. Standard Class Postage Our second postage option is to send your mailing Standard Class. You may have already surmised that this is a lower priority postage. It ranges between 7-18 business days (usually depending on where you are located in the country). Unfortunately, this option doesn’t give you the security of forwarding if your recipient has moved. It’s also important to note that getting undeliverable mail back is not in the cards with this option. The plus side of standard class mail is the price. Standard class mail at Open Letter Marketing is .17/letter less than first class. So if you are operating on a tight budget or just getting started this could be a good option for your business. Our Mail Campaign Postage Tip It’s clear to see that First Class Mail is the most efficient real estate mailer, but is it the best option for you? This is where our expertise comes in. We suggest using First Class for your first run of lead list testing. It will be a quicker way to test your addresses and throw out (or skip trace) the cold leads. After you have your tried and true addresses, start using the Standard Class option. This will allow you to save some cash while still sending your mailers to solid addresses. Now that’s a solid strategy.

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