What You Should Know About Auto Pens

You’ve probably seen those handwritten letters, maybe even used them with your own leads. The letters use a handwritten font to send a personalized message to homeowners. Open Letter Marketing’s newest product takes this idea a step further to provide a unique touch to all your mailings.

What is the Auto Pen Letter?

The Auto Pen Letter is similar to the handwritten letter, only even more authentic. Unlike the handwritten letter, which uses a handwriting font, the auto pen letter uses a real pen and ink to write the letter. The pen works automatically to write out a message that has been designated ahead of time.

The handwritten letter looks personalized upon first glance with the distinct font. Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that it is printed onto the paper. The Auto Pen Letter uses ink to create a distinct look.

What are the Features of the Auto Pen Letter?

You have the option to print or write your message in cursive. You can use your own logo and an envelope with a stamp. Choose from a variety of envelope styles to make the mailer stand out and to fit with your overall campaign.

As with other OLM products, you can upload your lead list as a .CSV file. Once your file is uploaded and you purchase the product, the letters will automatically be generated. You can select to have the envelopes unsealed, which allows you to add a business card before mailing. You create your own message, which adds to the personalization.

The goal behind this product is to create an authentic feel for your prospects. The appearance is high-quality, which is sure to impress. Details, such as the unique Forever Stamp, won’t go unnoticed.

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