What to Do with Undeliverable Real Estate Direct Mail

When you send out bulk real estate investment direct mailings, you can expect that not every piece will be delivered. Don’t just toss that item in the trash when it comes back undeliverable. Instead, get it ready to send out correctly the next time. You never know when one of those undeliverable pieces of direct mail could be a valuable real estate investment lead that turns into profit.

Avoid Mail Delivering Problems

By the time you’ve sent out a real estate direct mailer and received it back as undeliverable, two or three weeks may have passed. You can avoid this wasted time by getting your prospect list scrubbed before sending out your mailing campaigns. When you run your list through Open Letter Marketing’s list scrubbing service, it will identify bad data to repair. List scrubbing lets you know if the person is deceased or the property is vacant and appends any apartment addresses.

Use Skip Trace

Skip tracing allows you to get the most current information for any address. Once you have this important data, you can update your real estate investment direct mail potential customer spreadsheet and know the address is accurate. Open Letter Marketing skip trace updates your listing providing up to three addresses as well as five phone numbers and three email addresses. The first record will be the most current.

You can feel confident about the information you are provided because it comes from public records as well as proprietary data. The information is emailed to you as soon as the data runs through the system, so no time is lost.

Once you have the new address, you can add it to your database/mail merge and include this contact with the rest of your direct mail list. You can resend the mailer that came back to you as undeliverable and include the name on the rest of your mailings.

List scrubbing and skip tracing are affordable services you can’t do without if you want to make the most of your mailings. It helps you avoid delays in the future when you send out your direct mail marketing letters and postcards. If you want to learn more about these services or submit an order, contact Open Letter Marketing at 978-269-0245.

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