Postcards or Letters: Which Mailer is better for you?

What should I send out to potential sellers, postcards or letters? If you’re asking this question, you’re not alone. It’s one we get all the time and we’re ready to give you a thorough answer. Read on below for our take on what kind of response you’ll get with each type of direct mailer and which would be the best fit for you and your business. Let’s get started! Handwritten Letters Without a doubt, this type of real estate direct mailer will get a better response rate. Likely due to their handwritten style, they give an air of personalization more than the average mailer. You’ll find with our mailers especially that our font choice and packaging elicit a friendly response. If you have already built a solid list of leads and are planning on mailing multiple times, this is a great choice. The one reason that some tend to hold off is because they require more of your marketing budget. Due to their high quality it is more costly to produce them, so be sure to factor that into your decision. We feel it’s well worth the investment to add warmth and authenticity to your mailers. The positive response from neighborhood focused areas and single family homes makes all the difference. Professional Letters The allure of a handwritten letter is enticing but if you have more information to communicate, a professional letter may be more your speed. Oftentimes home sellers really enjoy being able to open a mail piece that is more sturdy and captivating. So we keep the bright envelopes and authentic font styles for the outside and keep it professionally typed on the inside. This allows you more room to communicate your message while keeping your mail out of the junk pile. Our carefully curated designs make both handwritten and professional letters top performers when it comes to getting people to pick up their phones and give you a call. Postcards Now you may be thinking, why even bother with real estate investing postcards? But don’t write them off completely, this mailer still has a place in the game. Postcards are very upfront and business oriented. You can add your web address and contact information in a prominent way. The recipient will know right away that you are a real estate investor that specializes in buying houses fast. Postcards are also less costly to produce and mail which allows you to send them to a larger group of recipients. If you have a large lead base, postcards are a great option for your direct mail marketing campaign. Think of them as a letter that gets a 100% open rate. It is important to note, that the responses you get, aren’t quite as promising if you go the postcard route. You will, however, expand your reach and get a good idea of where your quality real estate leads are hiding. If you are considering using postcards just keep in mind that postcards are a numbers game and you need a good amount of leads to maximize your responses. Which to Choose If your direct mail marketing campaign is focused on a great group of potential sellers, consider sending letters. They have the best response rate and will be well worth the investment. If you are looking to send to a large lead base, go with postcards. You’ll be able to pair down your list and then you can decide if you’d like to level up to a handwritten or professional letter! If you’re still unsure, don’t worry. You can always send out a test run of both mailers and decide from your sampling what is best for you and your company. Ultimately, both options are great and you can always ask us for help choosing based on your unique situation. BONUS: Tri-Fold Flyer If you still don’t know where you land on mailers, why not try a tri-fold flyer? You can ditch the envelope and get straight to the good stuff. The tri-fold flyer has the warmth and allure of the handwritten letter with its authentic font and is one of a kind. If you’re looking for the middle ground of letter or a postcard, you just found it.

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