Product Spotlight: Professional Email Letter

The professional email letter is one of the most popular up and coming products offered at Open Letter Marketing. It has a high open rate and is easy to read. It is designed like an email but sent out on paper in the mail like a traditional letter.

How to Create a Professional Email Letter

The letter contains your email address and your logo at the top. It also includes your address. The body of the letter is written like an email, so that it appears a little more informal and personal while still getting your message across to the recipient. Just like with an email, the message ends with your website and phone number for easy access to contact information.

You have several customization options with the professional email letter. You can send it first class or standard mail and use your own logo, blue or red houses or no letterhead. Select either the Boston, Denver or Trenton font style to make it fit your style.

Select from four envelope styles:

·         Blue hexagon

·         Yellow arrows

·         Red deco

·         Gray

The font for the envelope can be the same as the letter or you can use a handwritten font to personalize your mailing even more. Handwritten letters often get a higher open rate because people feel they are written directly to them.

You can mail out these professional email letters in batches if you don’t want to be overwhelmed by the response. You choose how often to send out the batches to fit your schedule.

Open Letter Marketing makes it easy to send out mailings that are personal and customized to your needs. Copy your leads into your order for a smooth process that gets your mailings out to your leads quickly. To learn more about how to create your own professional email letter, contact Open Letter Marketing at 978-269-0245.

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