Benefits of Our Real Estate Investor Hub System

You want to make the most of your online and direct mail marketing efforts as you work on your investments. The Investor Hub system with Open Letter Marketing allows you to be more efficient by keeping everything in one centralized dashboard. If you’re not convinced this system is right for you, consider the benefits.

Optimize Your Real Estate Leads

Investor Hub makes it easy to optimize your investment leads in an efficient manner. Easily import prospects you have while the system standardizes and corrects mailing addresses. It also checks for vacancies and duplicates to help you save time and money with your direct mail campaigns.

You can also create filters which allow you to sort your leads and track them by getting the information you want. Use the filters to segment information, such as region or city. If you’re working in multiple markets, you can instantly access your real estate investment leads without taking the extra time for search and filter.

Another benefit of Investor Hub is the ability to check if a homeowner has multiple properties. It will identify all the properties owned by this person, letting you decide if the lead is worth extra effort or should be included in a different campaign.

OLM Investor Hub tags your leads and lists them as high, medium or low in quality to give you the option on how you want to handle them. This labeling allows you to focus more of your effort on leads that are worth your time.

Enhance Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

Investor Hub helps you create campaigns for a specific group based on market or lead quality. You can build different campaigns in the same system to meet specific goals. Once you’ve developed these campaigns, you can execute them from the dashboard and manage your other marketing activities.

This system helps you with skip tracing and data append as well as removing contacts where the home has sold. Set reminders to fulfill your tasks on time. The calendar view lets you see at a glance when campaigns are scheduled to keep you on top of marketing.

If you want to learn more about OLM Investor Hub or to find out how you can add it to your marketing game, contact Open Letter Marketing at 978-269-0245.

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