New Year, New Direct Mail Products and Updates

Investor Spotlight, and Blog Update We are so stoked to share that we are starting a new blog segment for the New Year called: The Investor Spotlight. These articles will feature successful investors who have made deals using our direct mail products. These articles will include details on their deals like projected profit, important aspects of attaining a deal, mailer type, and other tips and advise. We hope these articles will provide more insider information on our services and how they benefit our investors! Keep an eye out for the first installment coming mid month. If you have made a deal using our direct mail and would like to be featured on our Investor Spotlight segment please reach out to me at NEW Direct Mail Products! We wanted to provide our clients with awesome new direct mail options so we are expanding our product line. We have new color options for our postcards (Green and White) on top of our existing options (Pink, Blue, Houses, and Tropical). Check them all out here. We are also creating new Professional and Handwritten letter templates for the new year so keep an eye out for those! Click “Save” for Easy Checkout We enabled a new feature on our website so that you can save your credit card information to make check out easy and fast. Just click Save info when prompted. Happy New Year Start your New Year right and get going with Direct Mail in 2018. After all January is the biggest month for direct mail responses! Make this  year a good one and please always feel free to reach out and discuss direct mail options with us 🙂 Cheers and warm wishes, Open Letter Marketing Team 978-269-0245

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